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Meet Jason Morris Danino Holt.

A Queer, Middle Eastern Multidisciplinary Artist

גברים בשחור וירוק זוהר.jpg

'Man in black and neon green', 2021

Digital drawing 

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Jason Morris Danino Holt. 35 years old boy\man\person\people\child\angry teen\ old dude -  from Tel Aviv. Single, queer, sometimes happy, always busy. Sometimes sad, always cat owner. 

Where did your passion for art begin?

I came from a very artsy bohemian household, so I guess it never began it was always there and tremendously encouraged. I was the only little boy in ballet class when I was 5, I sat on my grandmother’s lap while she belted her opera tunes and so on. This means I went to art-focused schools and basically it’s all I have ever done all my life. 


'Choices', 2021

Digital drawing 

dead cat watching #1.jpeg

'Dead cat watching', 2021

Digital drawing 

How would you describe your work to someone?

Building upon the principles of post-dramatic and performance theatre, my work (either a show, a literary text, a video, or a painting) engages in a dialogue with my personal biography while incorporating fragments of local and global culture. Avant Garde-Pop. Auto Fictionional multidisciplinary athlete of a game baring meaningless prizes. My work is a simulation inhabited by the culture of exhibitionism, branding, and empty role models that cannot ultimately fix the core essence of alienation, loneliness, and violence. The algorithm that guides me has taken control of my free will, therefore I’m searching for the hacker to reboot my inner drive and the outer zeitgeist.

hey egon.jpeg

What are you currently working on?


My first novel “Screenshot” is coming out mid December. 


And a solo exhibition at “Alfred Gallery” is opening on December fifth. The event, titled “Monogamy Kills”, is a brand launch (a pop store) which is an art show which is a performative score. In the store, one will find beddings, shower curtains, towels, pillows, underwear, hats, t-shirts, books, mugs, phone cases, posters and a few more surprises. All based on visual works from the past two years. 

'Hey Egon', 2021

Digital collage

When you start a new work or project, do you plan what you’re going to create or do you improvise? 


Every new project emerges from the ruins of the former one. Wanting to improve what has been achieved, to reinterpret what failed to be effective, and mostly to keep myself and my audience refreshed and challenged by new experiences. The pros of shifting mediums makes it easier to genuinely feel like I’m not repeating myself. 

theme music playing.jpg

'Theme music playing', 2021

Digital drawing 

What are your plans for the remainder of this year?


2021 was challenging. Lots of professional achievement alongside personal challenges and turmoil. The plan is to celebrate the December projects and welcome 2022 as a year of abundance, chillfullness, stability and lots of travel. I really want to be, see and work around the world. Amen. 

cute boys was their feet in the sink.jpeg

'Cute boys wash their feet in the sink', 2021

Digital drawing 

bad romance.jpg

'Bad romance', 2021

Digital drawing 

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