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Artist Talk 
Louisa Haban

18 February, 2023

By: Tal Levy

'Reaper',  2022

Acrylic on canvas 

50cm x 60cm

Tell us about yourself.


I was born in a small town called Trnava in Slovakia to a Slovak mother and British father. I first came to England at age 5 and have been here ever since. I live with 3 cats, one of whom is my baby girl, her name is Bonnie and she is 17.

I studied in Brighton and lived there for 5 years. Currently I work from my place in London.

Where did your passion for art begin?


I think I was around 14 when I realised I could draw quite well and it really excited me. The way drawing allows you to express, translate and make any image appear from your hand to a page -  it’s a very dynamic power. I found it quite a magical process as there are just so many possibilities when creating imagery and so many uses.

How would you describe your work to someone?

Making darkness beautiful, romantic and witty. 

'Hellmouth Alls Wellmouth',  2022

Acrylic on canvas 

80cm x 60cm

What are you currently working on?

I can’t share many details but my first animation ever - a short film with an important message!

When you start a new work or project, do you plan what you’re going to create or do you improvise? 

The initial idea always comes from something I feel, could be from an experience or the way I perceive the world. The feeling turns into imagery in my mind. Then I spend some time researching the features and composition of the painting - aligning the pieces together in harmony - I always call it a symphony.  Imagery also comes to me in meditation or just before I fall asleep which can spark an excitement for a new piece. Regularly I will improvise when painting as sometimes when imagery and colours come together initially inspiration takes new twists and turns.

Can you highlight some of your influences and discuss how your influences have made an impact on you and your practice?

A couple of years ago I went to see the big Dorothea Tanning show at the Tate and that was the first time in my life I experienced an enormous surge in emotions when seeing the work and being immersed in her world. That felt like a turning point - depths of my psyche were reached and something opened. 

One of my biggest influences in a very broad way is actually a wonderful mystic called Gigi Young - her work has expanded my consciousness to new possibilities, my perception of the world and other dimensions. I also love anything to do with ancient knowledge, civilisations and magic.

'Witches in Hollywood',  2021

Acrylic on canvas 

37cm x 47cm

What are your plans for the remainder of this year?

My motto is “keep going” so that's it - I have to keep going.

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