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This is an opportunity to submit your work for consideration for a * contemporary * group visual art exhibition in the summer of 2021!

(Opening 22.07 .21, closing 31.07.21)


The right platform for early career discovery and contemporary artists emerging around the world.


How It Works***


Please read carefully!


The exhibition includes one to three works (per artist) by about eight to fifteen artists, and is displayed in an alternative space. It is also promoted through social media, email list and other network / press contacts.


There is no pre-determined theme; The idea of ​​the show is determined by the work submitted and how a group of artists and their works build a cohesive exhibition, inviting a deeper discussion and participation on the part of potential viewers and collectors. In this way, each open conversation produces a unique show based on the most powerful work of artists.


who is it for?

The OPEN CALL is especially designed for early-stage artists looking for opportunities to present their work to a wider audience. The work is considered a treasure showcase displayed to a network of galleries, collectors, curators and art lovers around the world. While this may be extremely useful for early career artists, everyone is welcome! We strive to emphasise a wide range of practices so that all types of media are welcome! Artists of all ages and from all geographical locations are invited to apply.



Tal Levy is a young curator and artist who promotes young artists, with the aim of facilitating relationships and opportunities in the form of physical solo and group exhibitions, writing and publications, and nurturing a community through collaborative initiatives.


Application - until 15.04.21


Your submission will not be considered to come after completing both steps.

submit an email to including :


A short paragraph (bio / statement) about you


1-3 works from all types of media


If accepted, shipping expenses is on the artist.


Email any questions or concerns you have to


All correspondence will be by email only.


Answers will be sent at the end of April.

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