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A visit in Wayne Horse’s studio

By : Amit Kanfi and Tal Levy 

Just a few days before our last visit in Amsterdam, We scrolled through Instagram and stumbled upon Willehad Eilers, also known as Wayne Horse. His work caught our eye as it looked unique, interesting, humorous and well thought through, so we got in touch. 

Fortunately for us, Willehad, a German artist formerly working as a film director, mentioned he was living and working right where we were headed, in Amsterdam. Upon arrival, we were lucky enough to be invited to his studio, and jumped on the opportunity. 

Wayne’s studio was a fairy ride away from us, in the northern side of the city. Locally known as “Noord”, this is an industrial emerging area filled with young creators, artists and off-radar spots, which really connected with the person we were bound to meet.
We got to a large space that used to be a car garage and currently contains a restaurant and “Vendejo”, a deli offering locally made products. We were directed up stairs, to an off-beat gallery floor where we found Willehad surrounded by his large, impressive oil, acrylic and ink paintings. Looking at the works, it noticeable that most of what’s posted on his Instagram page was close-ups of large scale paintings. The close ups themselves already looked like impressive finished pieces, and it was a real delight to look at those oil canvases and realise they were just the tip of the iceberg. 


Photos by: Amit Kanfi

Wayne Horse is represented by : Galerie Droste and Harlan Levey Projects

Opening track by : Ohad Peleg

Copyright © goes to Sadan Records 

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