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About Us

Art of Tomorrow is an independent platform that works online and offline to promote, collaborate and support emerging contemporary artists.


2020 was a strange year that was shaped a lot by young artists and saw an increase in virtual exhibitions and fairs, and online platforms became the main stage of the art world.
Art of Tomorrow was established to give space to emerging artists, who bring something new and refreshing to the art world.
We support artists with academic backgrounds as well as autodidactic ones.
Our vision is to open a window to a new kind of art that is not enslaved to formalism and tradition, through the support and development of young artists working and growing today. 
We are looking for artists who are making the art of tomorrow.

“The Art of Tomorrow” represents young artists and initiates virtual and physical projects and exhibitions.
We promote artists through social media, email list and other online / press contacts and grow together with the artists at all times.


Founder and director 

Tal Levy (b.1997) was born in Jerusalem and grew up in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
Tal grew up into the art world following her mom footsteps who was an artist herself.
At a young age she began working in galleries and researching contemporary art around the world.
It did not take long for Tal to realize that her great love and mission is to discover and develop new and young art.
Tal is a young curator and artist who promotes young artists, with the aim of facilitating connections and opportunities in the form of physical solo and group exhibitions, writing and publications, and nurturing a community through collaborative initiatives.

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