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Artist talk with Saul Deangelo
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'Untitled', 2020

Acrylic and pastel on canvas


Tell us about yourself.

My name is Saul Deangelo. Originally born in Tennessee, but grew up around the states eventually settling in Northwest Indiana. I attended Indiana University with a focus in graphic design. I still design, but recently directed my efforts to mainly painting.

Where did your passion for art begin?

I’ve been interested in art and drawing for as long as I can remember. I always made art in different ways.

I was initially drawn to the art from my video games, cartoons, and skateboards as a kid. I always had cool a** skateboards that I would draw on. It wasn’t till I got to university that I really discovered and dove headfirst into the vastness of art history, which became an obsession of mines. I lived in the fine arts library. I read everything. I spent a lot of time after that just living, making art, visiting museums, art fairs, and galleries.


How would you describe your work to someone?


What are you currently working on?

Right now i’m working on a new series of larger figurative paintings called “Archetypes”.

'Klown', 2020

Acrylic on canvas


When you start a new work or project, do you plan what you’re going to create or do you improvise? 

 I turn on music and start drawing until I get something I feel compelled to paint. Then I just go for it. The drawing is not a tyrant, I embrace f**k ups and mistakes. I’m observing the process happen just as if someone was watching me do it. Improvisation is important to my practice. My Krusty paintings, were all made together at once within a span of a few days.

Can you highlight some of your influences and discuss how your influences have made an impact on you and your practice?

I look at everything. What I can imagine is my primary influence and is the lifeforce to my work. The CoBrA artists such as Asger Jorn and Karel Appel have had an incredible impact on me visually. Also Haring and ancient art. Right now I’m looking at these old abstract codexes. I enjoy ridiculous things. 


'Untitled', 2021

Acrylic and pastel on canvas


What are your plans for the remainder of this year?

To keep making and doing cool things. Make more paintings, and larger scale works. I plan to open a studio in Chicago in the near future. Taking this to the next level.


'It's good Enuff', 2020

Acrylic and pastel on canvas


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